Day 2

Today was our second day in the village, which also represented a second opportunity to rekindle our new friendship with the community. We looked forward to seeing the same faces that filled our spirits and hearts the day before – we were not disappointed when we heard the names Marco, Aim, Alejandro, Mateo coming from our new friends. After a quick game of soccer, we traversed our way through steep 12 foot corn fields to be welcomed into the homes with warm welcomes. Knowing the stoves would be essential tools of daily living, we took great pride to ensure both the small things like the dirt ground being level to the caulking around the stove pipe water proof. We were humbled by the expression of gratitude as we would leave the homes – prayers, hugs, kisses, prayers, and as well as a live chicken. As we were leaving the village today, we heard a voice translated to say – we hope you never forget us or our village. There is not a chance any of us will ever forget this time for this is a time we have grown in understanding about us by looking into the eyes of others.


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